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John Denver's Windstar Foundation
John Denver had a dream from the time he was a young boy. He spent a lot of time outside, by himself, finding inspiration from nature. A place as simple as a tall cottonwood tree, in which he could nestle himself in the high branches, provided sanctuary and perspective. Perched in the arms of such a tall tree, he thought about finding a place where people could gather from all over the world-to be nourished and inspired, to learn and to connect with his first and best teacher, the Earth itself. Many years later, at a time when he was the No. 1 recording artist in the world, he had the opportunity to bring that dream to life. He bought nearly 1000 acres of land near Old Snowmass, Colorado. He gave that special land to the Windstar Foundation. It became what John was seeking. John had a deep desire for the Windstar Land to be conserved and protected in perpetuity. It was a great source of peace to him to know this dream of his too had come true with the creation of the Windstar Land Conservancy and the signing of the conservation easement that safeguards the Windstar Land from developement. John saw the Windstar Land as a symbol of the importance of the wild places throughout the Earth. He hoped that other landowners would be inspired by the actions taken by the Boards of the Rocky Mountain Institute, Windstar Foundation and the National Wildlife Federation that enabled the creation of the Windstar Land Conservancy-and that many others would provide conservation protection for the open space lands in their care.
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