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Crystal Mill

One of the most scenic and reputed to be the most photographed site in Colorado is the Crystal Mill, a.k.a. Lost Horse Mill and Dead Horse Mill, located 5.5 miles from the town of Marble. A lush mountain setting surrounds the mill, which is perched on a cliff overlooking the Crystal River. The Town of Crystal is 0.2 mile beyond the mill. About 400 people lived in the town by 1886 with seven working silver mines. Crystal had two newspapers, two hotels, saloons, billiard parlor, barber shop, and men's-only Crystal Club.

This building actually housed a power generator for the mill, which was standing next to it. The mill powered a mechanical air compressor for use in ore processing. The mill had a horizontal water wheel which turned a vertical shaft that ran up through the virtical housing now held together by cables. It turned an air compressor that was used to operate the air drills for at least two of the local mines on the hill above the mill. The broken boards littering the river bank adjacent to the mill are from the stamp mill used to reduce and process the silver ore.

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