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AXE Snowglobe booth

The 2010 X Games Village had the usual sponsor booths handing out lot's of free swag for the younger crowd. New this year was the AXE Snowglobe with two models incased in a life-sized plastic globe. I'll reserve my opinion for this interesting description by the the Denver-based Onion News Network:

"“Extreme?”: Boobs! Brought to you by Axe. As with any youth-oriented event, there was plenty of questionable marketing activity going down at Winter X Games 14. But prominent douchespray purveyor Axe took the ick factor to the, ahem, extreme with its snowbunny snowglobe display. Pity the poor model/actress types who had to spend the weekend enshrined in an inflatable bubble wearing fluffy boots and skimpy outfits while the future Ed Hardys of the world ogled them; but pity moreso all right-thinking human beings who had to constantly avert their eyes from this sad display of extreme objectification. "

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